Exercises for the development of newborns

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Most of young parents may think that in the first weeks of life a newborn does not need exercises, but this is not so – early start is the key to proper development.  The first few weeks the body of the child struggles to adapt to the new conditions of existence, and therefore bears serious energy costs. That’s why little babies like to sleep so much and spend very little time awake. Even less often the baby is in a good mood for taking new information. You do not need to make an exercise plan for a newborn for a day or a week, just use any convenient opportunity to play with the baby when he wants. In the first months after childbirth, parents should take care that their baby organically develops.

I suggest to consider what exercises you must do with your baby.

Exercises for hearing a newborn

To develop a newborn’s hearing, you can use a rattle or bell that will be suspended above the bed. If the object is bright, then, following its movements, along with the hearing, the newborn will train and sight. With the help of a rattle, one can instill in the child the understanding that different sounds come from outside. Take the rattle in your hands and gently shake it, first with the right, and then with the left side of the lying baby. The shaking intensity can be gradually increased, let the toy be silenced before it will produce a new sound. After a while you will see how your sweet baby tries to find the source of the sound with his eyes – this is the result of the game training. So you are doing everything right, bravo!

Exercises for the development of the child’s eyes

We already wrote about the features of the vision of a newborn – in the first couple of weeks, he sees almost nothing for physiological reasons. Therefore, exercises for the development of your kid’s vision should begin 10-14 days after birth, not earlier. You can use children’s toys that look like carousels, but it’s better if the colors of objects are contrasting, and there will not be many of them (maximum 3-4). The musical accompaniment of the movement of the toy attracts the attention of the child. When the child is in a good mood, he will choose his favorite toy and will follow it – so the eye contact is training and the interest in the world outside the bed arises.

Exercises for the development of touch

All tactile sensations for the newborn are new, so any tactile contact with the child can be considered a developmental exercise. To train the touch, it’s enough to put your finger in your child’s hand, which he will try to clasp in his hand. You can use different in texture and content items, so that the baby trains the touch, getting acquainted with the new sensations. A great help will be a developing mat, made by yourself or the one from store.

Physical exercises for the newborn

Until interactive toys are not particularly interesting to a newborn, one should involve him with physical exercises. The main thing is not to overdo it, because if a child gets tired, he becomes upset.

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