TOP 5 Exercises to Help Baby Get Stronger

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Everyone knows the fact that proper eating and exercise are significant for one’s health. But not everyone might not be conscious that it is the same for your little baby. Studies reveal that infants and toddlers also need do some exercise daily, and if your little ones are raised doing exercises as part of their daily life, they are not as much possible to become overweight and will grow up big and strong!

Maybe you’re thinking that your baby spends a lot of time lying around, but she actually gets in a vigorous workout every day. No matter which moving she’s doing –  kicking her legs, or squirming during a diaper change, she’s exercising her little muscles. And all those moves are important for her motor development: She’ll need strong muscles to hold up her head, roll over, sit up, crawl, and eventually walk.

So, I’m sure that you want your sweet little baby be healthy and that’s why I’m proposing to you 5 simple and funny exercises, which will help your little one grow up big and strong.

Baby Exercises for 0-6 Months Olds

  1. Finger Towing

Place your baby on his back on the bed and put forward your two index fingers. When he grasps them effectively, tenderly pick up your hands. The more you participate in this maneuver, the more he will try to hold tightly. Elevate the baby and drop him gently to prevent him from injury.

  1. Tummy Time

Your infant spends the majority of his time on his back. Turning him over onto his stomach helps build the muscles in his neck, arms, shoulders, back, and stomach, supervised tummy time can begin as early as his first day home from the hospital. Start with a couple of three to five minute sessions. After you place your baby tummy down on a blanket or playmate on the floor, get down on your own stomach to keep him company. Smile, talk, sing, make funny faces, jiggle a set of keys, or put a toy within his grasp.

At first, he may fuss during tummy time, but with practice and stronger muscles, he should begin to enjoy it. Would be perfect if everyday your baby will have his Tummy Time at least for 20 minutes.

  1. Bicycle

Did your mom ever tell you to cycle your baby’s legs to help relieve gas? Well, it’s not only a natural method for pushing air out of his system—it’s also a good way to work the legs, hips, knees, and abs. This move helps increase flexibility as well as his range of motion. Let your baby lie on his back and grasp his feet or inferior part of the legs. Smoothly thrust one of his legs in the direction of his chest while stretching the other one. Repeat the movement three to five times, take a break, and then repeat. Keep going as long as your baby shows interest by smiling, making eye contact, and kicking.

Baby Exercises for 6-18 Months Olds

  1. Elbow stand

Put your child on his belly and position his elbows precisely under his shoulders and forearms on the ground. Clutch and elevate his hips and trunk to form a 45-degree position to the ground. Let the child relax on his forearms. Attempt to elevate his legs slightly more just be sure that it won’t knock his nose. I’m sure your little one will like it!

  1. Hip lift

Place your little one on his back. His knees should be curved and his feet flat on the ground. Gently slide your hands around his waist while supporting his back. Assist your baby to raise the torso 2 to 4 inches away from the ground and support him to employ the muscles of his leg and buttock. Happily count from 1 to 3 and after help your baby leisurely back to the ground, maintaining his knees curved.

If your sweet child will smile during these exercises, so you’re doing everything right!

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