TOP5 mummy ideas for a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for 3 y.o. toddler

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It’s time to try to switch to a healthy diet and give up eating that hurts a health of your toddler. And I want to show you that natural products can be not only useful, but also very tasty for all the family members. Watch my TOP5-listof  fresh ideas for recipes for breakfast, dinner, snack and lunch.

  1. 1. Great idea – Breakfast from oatmeal, which can be suitable for both the first meal, and for a dietary snack. Oatmeal porridge with dates, jars of fruit and oatmeal, smoothies with oatmeal, flax and green buckwheat
  2. 2. In order to keep your child in shape, you need to propose him to eat often and in small portions, but we do not always have enough time to cook five times a day. Therefore, sandwiches withcheese andavocados are perfect for a snack or a light breakfast – they are hearty, healthy and yummy.
  3. An excellent idea is a salad made from raw broccoli.

Tasty and very useful! Just polish the broccoli slices, add a mix of greens or lettuce, tomato, cucumber. You can add feta cheese and olives. For salad dressing olive oil is excellent.

  1. You can make cauliflower with spices, it can become the main dish or a delicious side dish for your dinner. Just cut cauliflower into pieces, put on a baking tray, sprinkle with your favorite spices and pour with sunflower oil a bit. Bake until ready, but tastier when cabbage remains al dente. For a toddler you can also propose baked chicken or fish…
  2. Especially popular are natural drinking yoghurts. And this is right, because they contain a lot of protein and a little fat. You can slightly improve this drink by adding fiber, for example, in the form of unsalted pumpkin seeds. And sweeten it with benefit will help honey and fruit or berries. I’m sure your kid will love it!
  3. For a light breakfast or a snack, green cocktails are also suitable, so simple to prepare and unusually healthy.

All we need is fresh herbs, fresh vegetables or fruit for your taste and blender.

How to prepare a green cocktail:

You need to take greens (dill, salad, parsley, spinach, sorrel, celery, beetroots and carrots, leaves of nettle, dandelion or other greens) and vegetables (or fruit) in a ratio of 2: 3, which means-  2 parts of greenery and 3 parts of vegetables or fruits (it is better not to use vegetables and fruits in one cocktail). All grind in a blender. Add water to get the necessary consistency. If water is not added, you get a thick mass, which you can eat with a spoon. In green cocktails, you can also add freshly squeezed juices.

Here are few recipes of green cocktails :

  1. ♦Apple – 3 pieces;

♦ banana – 2 pcs.

♦ lemon – ½ pcs. or leaves of sorrel;

♦ lettuce – 5 leaves;

♦ water – 1-2 glasses.


  1. ♦Strawberries – 1 glass;

♦ banana – 2 pieces;

♦ lettuce – 5 leaves;

♦ water – 1-2 glasses.


  1. ♦banana – 2 pieces;

♦ parsley – a pile;

♦ nettle (dandelion) – several fresh leaves;

♦ water – 1-2 glasses.


  1. For dinner, prepare meatballs from turkey.

Fry in a butter crushed bulb, garlic and 3 stalks of celery. The average zucchini is rubbed on the grater and squeezes out the liquid. We pass through a meat grinder 600g turkey fillet, combine with the rest of the ingredients, 3 tbsp. l. oat flakes, put salt and spices to taste. 1 medium carrot rubbed on a grater, finely cut 1 onion, do roast. We make lean meat minced meatballs and stew in the water with frying under the lid for 30 minutes. Serve them with white yogurt or tomato sauce – they are good in any form.


The result of a proper and healthy diet is a surge of strength and energy, a strong immunity and a good mood of your toddler!

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